Monday, October 4, 2010

Pumpkin Pie from scratch and other excercises in canning

Fall seems to have descended n New York all at once and it makes me think crocheting and pie, Go figure.

If you are like me, you already have some knit and crochet projects on tap for the coming winter months. Mine include a knit Kimono from Lion Brand Yarn's stockpile of free patterns {knitknit - point me in the right direction!} as well as some crocheted shrugs that i hope to give as holiday gifts.
On the pie front, we've started getting pumpkin, squash and yes, apples in our farm share which gave us just the nudge we needed for the first apple pie experiments of the season this pas weekend. Using what we had from our farm share, we added some more ingredients we had on hand, including whole wheat flour as well as some non-granny smith apples. And though the pie was delicious (who can turn down homemade apple pie) thinking we need to switch back to regular flour, further testing is necessary for the perfect crust!

Also in our farm share came some squash and one small pumpkin, which upon reading a bit, seems to be sweeter and best for pies, so pie 2 prep ensued.
I used these instructions for pie filling prep, cut the pumpkin and squash in half, seeded them and stuck them in the oven for a good hour and a half until the insides became mushy. In retrospect, I probably should have used the microwave to expedite the process.Here are the seeds which have been thoroughly washed, i still need to lay them out to fully dry, spice them up (thinking paprika chile flavor) and roasted in the oven.Once the filling for the pie was soft enough, i scooped it all out with a melon baller and just canned it as i wasn't ready to have two full pies in the house. Hopefully this yummy filling can be mixed with evaporated milk and spices to fulfill next weeks pie experiments.