Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Mexican inspiration - Huichol Art

I jut got back from Mexico, and came across this inspirational post from last year about Huichol art, which i totally love. And found this super cool video that Etsy posted the other day via twitter of a Volkswagon Beetle tricked out with this painstaking bead art technique - sooooo awesome.

Each time i travel, i love to check out the local hand craft tradition. This last trip to Mexico, i wanted to look beyond the more wise spread sterling silver jewelry and weaving tradition to something more uniquely Mexican, and what i stumbled upon was Huichol
Bead Art. Several Mexican Galleries specialized in this relative new sculptural artwork from the indigenous Huichol people.

Each sculpture incorporates a vast iconography of meaningful symbols; from eagles and hummingbirds
[messengers of Father Sun or Spirit Guides] to deer suns and moons, everything has a meaning and combine to fabricate an intricate story crafted from beads embedded in wax on a wooden sculpture
- Kimm

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