Friday, July 9, 2010

KimmChi Bio

Bold. Abstract. Decorative. Silkscreened Apparel from KimmChi.

Kimm Alfonso is a Brooklyn based artist silkscreening bold, abstract designs on to women's apparel. Her designs are decorative and eclectic, using her degree in Art History and 15 years experience as a graphic designer to pool from a wide range of inspiration. Her shop, KimmChi, combines her personal style of decorative forms with the urban influence of New York City. Each shirt is designed and silkscreened by hand by the artists.

Her choice of materials and supplies reflect her desire to add a bit of green to her line without sacrificing quality and price: American-made American Apparel garments silkscreened with only water based non-toxic ink. The soft 100% cotton shirts are printed in small runs, leaving tons of flexibility for color combinations to reflect each season and personal style.

Kimm studied Art History at Boston University and Graphic Design at The New School.