Thursday, May 13, 2010

This weekend at Art Star

This weekend it's craft fair Road trip time! Me and buddies: Pretty Stationary for Beautiful Souls, Clay, Wood and Cotton, and Peppersprouts are packing it up and heading out of state - to the beautiful water front festival that is Art Star.

Last year it was a really great fair for me - one of my favorites, besides the Cavalcades actually. The people were really fantastic, and nice and chatty. They stayed and talked about your process, other fairs and Philly in general. Word got out a slew of New Yorkers had car pooled down and so many of the locals admitted to migrating down from New York! It was also a great weekend for press coverage as i got into Metro online as well as the Philadelphia CityPaper. And now this year i got a shout-out from IndieFixx as an artists they are looking forward to seeing this weekend - WOOT! Already excited.
I'll have my new designs in tow. Come check 'em out in person as they won't be online in the Etsy shop until the end of the month.