Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Now at Lizze on Grand

KimmChi tee's now available at Lizze on Grand, my first store in Minnesota! Yay! Located at 1856 Grand Avenue in St. Paul, Minnesota, Lizze on Grand is inspired by the talented designers in their area and works to offer tehir customers an introduction to the artistry in your midst.

Their selection of KimmChi 3/4 sleeve and long sleeve shirts included:

KimmChi double deco on black
Layering the ornamental characters of a font over and over to become repetitive abstraction. Abstraction. Ornamentation. Decoration. Silkscreened on a black long sleeve shirt in shades of grey, overlapping.

This gray grey women's 3/4 sleeve ballet neck shirt is silk screened with a pinwheel decorative patterns, combining different influences and inspiration. Black and white pinwheels inspired by Japanese decoration cascade down the shirt.