Monday, March 29, 2010

My handmade purchases

As is always my weakness when doing an in person market, I had to take advantage of Wabisabi Brooklyn's sale at Friday's Better Than Jam Trunk Show. MaryAnne, Phil and Sara and me were on hand to sell our wares at this new Bushwick Co-op store. Indie shopping is such a guilty pleasure and to be completely honest, I do already have two Rocks and Salt hats, three Wabisabi necklaces , one pin and one pair of earrings, but i love to see what the designers have that's new! Perusing through Wabisabi collection I was delighted to find that this stunning necklace was still available! I had my eye on it almost 6 months ago when we did the Madison Square Mark't in October last year. Because all of the work is done using unique papers that may not be always available, i thought for sure my favorite necklace had been snapped up, but lo and behold it had not, and here was my chance to get it! Woo Hoo! I was also intrigued by these beautiful floral earrings in a pale blue which i learned came from an absinthe bottle. I couldn't resist them either!

This show, my purchase that got away was one of the new Rocks and Salt skirts! They were adorable and oh so versatile - with a pocket to boot! Good thing i'll be seeing them next week at the opening of the Brooklyn Indie Market so it looks like I will have another chance!