Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Is $6.50 too pricey for a chocolate bar?

Not if the Chocolate bar is from Lidda Bit Sweet!
I bought a couple of bars at this weekend's Brooklyn Flea on a break from vending next to Wabisabi Brooklyn and Wish By Felicity (who had some great new bracelets that I hadn't seen before). I was immediately struck by their great packaging and inventive flavors! Yes, i must admit that I balked at the price, but decided to give it a shot - hell, what if you only live once! I got the "Lime in The Coconut" and "My Spicy Valentine" Flavors and boy were they worth it! So rich you really can't eat the whole bar in one sitting unless you are sharing. Two thumbs up from me! and well worth the price.

And as always when doing the Brooklyn Flea, the shopping bug always strikes close to home! I was sitting next to Philip Sachs of Sheapshead and got to peruse his work up close and personal for once. I've seen him on Prince street and at street fairs and always loved the work, and some of the newer stuff was silkscreened on to wood, and i just fell in love with it. The texture that the under painting adds as well as the wood grain were very beautiful. I actually bought one within the first hour of the market.
So cool! Fond memories of riding my bike in Carona Park and always being so mystified by the old World' Fair ground.