Thursday, February 4, 2010

Clay Roses for Valentine's

Getting ready for the Valentine's Fling with Brooklyn Indie Market on February 13, and i realized my standard grid and clothing rack display is not very romantic! So I thought i'd look around and see what sorts of items I could craft up from supplies I already had that may dress up my display a little bit.

I had recently seen these gorgeous porcelain rose in a store display and thought maybe i could make some of those out of sculpey. So i gathered the sculpting tools i had laying around and went to work rolling out the clay on a smooth flat surface.
To form even petals i looked around for a circular something and found this tea light tin, which was a bit beat up, but still worked as an excellent uniform shape to cut out.
The i just took the petals and rolled one to start the inside of the flower and built up each petal around the first one to create these roses.
Pretty simple and easy to do on a week night while watching TV. It took longer to bake them afterwards than it did to make them :) Look for them adorning my mannequin in undies at A Valentine's Fling on Feb 13.