Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Purchases from the Bowery Bazaar

Okay, I had promised myself that I would not go shopping on Black Friday - but i found myself in the city at the Bower Bazaar looking for some handmade gifts for friends and family and i was not disappointed!
The Bower Bazaar is a new handmade market on Bowery between East 3rd & 4th Streets open Friday - Sunday 12 to 8. The space is dominated by these alcoves where each shop sets up their own boutique, which is very cool as you browse through each space you get a great sense of their work - from unique clothing to one of a kind jewelry, handmade bath and body products. (There some weird watch guy in the front which i don't know why he's there, but the other stuff is really great!)

I'm always on the hunt for Jewelry - for myself - but also it makes a great gift! I have tons of necklaces, earrings and even some pins from Wabisabi Brooklyn and thought these earrings on dimes would make great fun earrings for my little sister. [I feel confident she does not read my blog, so I don't think I am spoiling any suprises.]
So I was happy to get one present off my list on Black Friday, and I had already spied some other things that I had on my list to get for my other sister. She loves nice smelling soaps and has been disappointed in the past with some of the handmade melt and pour soaps that don't hold their smell or a great lather very well. After having a LONG conversation with Nordea about her process - i felt so informed! And I smelled EVERYTHING and bought a couple of bars and a sugar scrub as a gift - i already have the perfect basket for them - and they smell GREAT
Hope my family likes the presents!