Monday, July 27, 2009

The weekend's Handmade purchases

I love to looking around for new and interesting items i haven't seen before to give as small gifts. Well, this weekend after running some errands in Carroll Gardens, I stopped into the Brooklyn Indie Market to see what was new under the tent.

I walked away with some cute jewelry and a nice little present for my nephew to be. I had to do the whole "One for you, One for me" thing here, I bought this super cute "Dinner Party" necklace for my sister from p*Charming and had to buy myself a little bracelet in the same style.

And I couldn't resist this little doggy from Windows of Agate. Look how adorable, and his tag says he likes to watch Sci-Fi - Just like me! well my nephew to be, will surely enjoy his first doggie. I got the super cute little doggie in the basket looking out at me.