Saturday, May 16, 2009

Knitta! in Brooklyn

me and Magda (who contacted The {NewNew} to solicit local support)

Wednesday night was the Montague Street installation of the 69 Meters project, where 50 knitters from as far away as South America, knit colorful sleeves to adorn and enliven the 69 parking meters that run down Montague Street in Brooklyn heights. Organized by Magda of the knitting street graffiti crew Knitta Please! and the Montague Street BID, 15 or so volunteers installed the knitted pieces.Red Bridge Studio installing one of her two pieces, love those colors!
That's my piece! right by a chinese laundry
Outdone by KnitKnit! She was my final knitting tutor and finished her piece with her signature power cord.
some Press about the event:

DesignTrust (has a photo of me installing, don't mind the trash)

StreetsBlog (has a nice photo of my piece, which was my first knitting project)

It really was so rewarding being a part of this project! With so many friends participating, and the supportive reaction from the public, i was so proud i learned how to knit for this!