Friday, July 22, 2011

My inspiration - Ryan McGuinness

UPDATE: This post was from 2 years ago, and i still find his work really fascinating and inspirational. Sadly, the Deitch Gallery is no more, and i no longer work in that neighborhood, but i hope to post some cool pics from Dumbo's first thursday art walks soon.
[Earlier this week] I got to go to the Deitch Gallery in Soho to see the Ryan McGuiness show that is presently on view through April 18. The first time I heard of him was actually through a friend who said one of my designs reminded them of Ryan McGuiness' work.

Looks like someone has the same interest in crisp decorative swirling clean lines and subtle color changes :)

The show at Deitch Gallery has many large scale painting as well as some sculptures that show off McGuiness's full breadth of iconography. All of his work at the show - be they painting or sculpture - incorporate a full iconography of images that he has developed. Whimsical characters and shapes done in a flat silhouette style (though often layered with varying colors to look more 3-dimensional) are repeated over and over at different scales throughout the pieces.

You can see mythical beasts, guns, trees, leaves, tools, Shiva, babies, pyramids, just to name a few in this vibrant pieces.

Some were more monochromatic and had more apparent themes. The purple/rose/maroon silkscreen painting was full of decorative elements, mythic beasts, and castles in an almost fairytale tone, while some of the others focused on technology and warfare.

The show is up through April 18, and is really worth some time, really very inspirational, with so much to see in each painting - you may have to go twice!

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