Wednesday, February 18, 2009

New Project

Let's say I heard it through word of mouth...

KarensMonsters just made these cute little baby booties from a free pattern download from HomeSpun Threads (I know all of this because she posted about it on her blog... thanks for sharing Karen!)

What a great simple baby gift project, and you don't need much fabric or time to complete - right up my alley! And I have outstanding invitations to two baby showers already with a third on the way, so thi is just perfect! I downloaded the pattern, took out my scissors and box of fabric scraps and got to work.
This was attempt #1:And while they are super cute, I used some great patterned black and white fabric on the interior that didn't really show up in the final because of the way the pattern was, and I had another boo boo with sewing the wrong side of the bottom - oooops, so I tried again.

Attempt #2
Much better - though this is very girl centric color palette. They are so adorable, i didn't want to put them down. And I also did break from the pattern by using felt at th bottom (not two fabrics appliqueed together) - i felt the two layers was too think for me to work with accurately, and i do have tons of felt laying around, so these worked out!..