Sunday, October 26, 2008

My day in Indie Crafty NY

Firstly went off to the Etsy labs to participate in a free workshop on making sock monkeys where all the monkeys were donated and sold to fund projects at for artists with special needs throughout the city. We all may have scoffed at a five hour workshop - thinking our ├╝ber crafty ness would help speed us along, but I'm telling you - it really did take five hours! To turn this into this:

And it really was great fun, to learn how to make these super cute monkeys and be able to donate them at the end of it. I could not let mine go, and fell in love with him as I brought him to live - and had to pay for him to bring him home, but I just couldn't let him go. Here are some of the other cool creations.

After that - we hopped on the subway two stops to shop at the Brooklyn Indie Market's Steampunk themed day - and boy did it bring people out! The corsets lined Smith street! It was amazing. I didn't get to take as many photos as I wanted, but did get a couple of snaps in.
And I did manage to find this gorgeous pendant necklace for my friend - made from antique slides - this one is of moth eggs - how goth. Well, moth eggs never looked so good, so i snatched it up.
And I did have to sneak in something for myself, and bought this gorgeous skirt from Fofolle, that I have had my eye on for a looooong time.
Oh - and THEN - me and my friend's decided go to a craft store off of Henry Street - full of great yarn, fabrics and patterns. Made me want to run home and start a new project!