Monday, September 1, 2008

I want Complete Embellishing! - The BOOK!

I first heard about Complete Embellishing: Techniques and Projects through Kayte Terry's flickr pool actually! Those photos are just amazing and to think that there are actual How-Tos behind them! I downloaded the free How-To from the Storque article - and though I haven't started on it yet - i can't wait to!

What I love about these projects that in true crafty fashion - they span all sorts of discliplines and materials. I can get all my creativity needs filled doing glass etching or I can work on my wordrobe and do some applique - it's not stuck in all sewing or all knitting or all anything - suits all moods!

Good luck with the book Kayte, it looks really wonderful and jam packed with fun and - from the photos - elegantly executed projects to suit all of our diy needs!

YOU can enter to win it too - just blog about why you want it and post in the comments. See here for complete rules and regulations.