Monday, September 29, 2008

Etsy Purchase of the week!

I have held off as a swapper until the past couple of months - and now I love it! Every time I do a craft fair or sale, i think who i can swap with to get some presents for myself!

My latest swap was with the talented Wabisabi Brooklyn who makes decoupage jewelry on to coins. I got a beautiful necklace with a little black bird and a pin with a greedy squirrel.

When I got home my sister loved the necklace, so I gave it to her and kept the greedy squirrel for myself! I may have to go see her at the Brooklyn Indie Market to try and reclaim the necklace - i miss it already.

UPDATE: I stole my little birdie necklace back from my sister! I will post a pick when I can or when it's not on my neck!